Blind Rivet

SS Blind Rivet Csk Head

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A blind rivet is a type of fastener that is used to join two pieces of material together. It is a permanent fastener that cannot be removed once it has been installed. Blind rivets are typically used in applications where it is not possible or desirable to access the back side of the material being fastened. They are also used when the joint needs to be hidden from view. We are a leading Wholesale Trader of 3.2mm SS Blind Rivets, SS Blind Rivets, Large Flange Blind Rivets, and 4.5mm SS Blind Rivets from Faridabad, India.

A blind rivet is a type of rivet that can be inserted and set without being able to see the other side of the workpiece. This is done by using a mandrel that expands the rivet body inside the hole as it is being set. Blind rivets are most commonly used in situations where one side of the workpiece is inaccessible, such as in aircraft construction.

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